My Philosophy

Fill your mind and your stomach with life's most natural gifts. People spend years of their life trying to find happiness in an end goal; a number to quantify their success such as a desired weight or paycheck or likes. Our natural state has been compromised by deadlines, budgets, alerts, alarms and we get stuck in a groove that is defined not by our passions but our parameters. I wanted to live in a world where I could comfortably balance my stresses with the things that make me happy and that's really up to me. In a world that is already difficult to navigate comfortably in, wouldn't it be beneficial for someone to capitalize on the things they CAN control, such as your mental and physical health? On top of that, by eating healthy and staying active you encourage natural energy and a positive outlook that impacts every aspect of your life. 



I can't take credit for this concept. The very foundation of Mind/Matter is based on what I've learned from my friends, my family, role models and strangers. Mind/Matter is about embodying a lifestyle that combines daily activities, exercises and healthy eating that actually transforms your perception of life into something positive and constructive. I'm collecting pieces of people's mental Utopia and not only applying it to my life but sharing it with you in case you need it. What puts you at ease that doesn't come with a price tag; Is it a cup of tea with honey in the morning? Is it that one Smashing Pumpkins song that you heard when you were an angsty teenager and somehow it still resonates with you as an adult? Is it the relief of throwing your hair back in a messy bun at the end of the day? The phrase "Mind Over Matter", and the title of my blog, is typically defined by willpower, the ability to accomplish anything if you put your mind to it, but in this case it made more sense to me in a comparison sort of way. Fill your mind with the most beautiful things in your life, those things that remind you of who you are, where you came from, what builds you up and everything else is just matter...it's there but it doesn't break you down and it doesn't define who you are as a person, it's just noise. There are too many wonderful parts of this world and it's so vast, you can't destroy yourself over a break up or losing your job...it's just not worth it. I know it seems so big at the time but it's small in comparison, so try to see it as that.  


My Story

It was about 4 years ago when I had my first ever anxiety attack, granted I had no idea what it was while I was having it...I was a ball of emotion; upset, angry, confused all mixed with dizziness and nausea. It almost felt as though I blacked out, that the very problem that triggered the attack was physically more than my brain could comprehend. I was always a bit of an anxious person, but I never let it show. My anxiety was mostly repressed and that enabled me to seem normal on the outside but manic on the inside.

My anxiety always took the lead in relationships, I was afraid to say or do things that people wouldn't like, I was afraid one wrong move and I'd lose anyone I ever cared about...every word, every decision I made was entirely based on what other people thought about me. And that impeded me from becoming my own person. I was emotionally linked to anyone and everyone I ever met and never got a chance to find things that truly made ME happy.

After my first year or two of feeling totally in the dark about myself, I decided to seek counseling. Anxiety had officially damaged my work, my social life, my downtime...it consumed me and I was ready to make a change. My therapist gave me a LOT of homework, exercises to strengthen who I was as a person and help me properly cope. I read an abundance of literature to understand what I was battling with, but the homework that helped me the most was something so simple...a journal. I was asked to take time at least once a day to write down one thing that made me happy, that was totally me and no one else, and then I would have to explain why. Explaining why is what helped most because I would have to say how it pertained to me and why it elicited joy.

Life is way too hard to not surround yourself with things that make you happy. People are going to disappoint you, things are going to fall through and in those moments it's good to know your worth. You are made up of quirks, hobbies, mistakes, weaknesses, good habits, bad habits, questions...your life is as beautiful as you make it.

This blog is about finding strength and joy in yourself and reminding myself and my readers that happiness really is found in the small pleasures and not the big rewards. Set goals, do it, but don't rush the creative process and get there when you get there. Measure your success by only you and no one else.   


The way you tell your story to yourself matters.

-Amy Cuddy